How do I set up Calendar Sync with O365?

With Yesware Calendar Sync enabled, we will sync your Outlook events into Salesforce. Yesware calendar sync works by adding a special invitee to the meetings you create in your Outlook calendar. This invitee is a Yesware service that keeps your calendars in sync. We will sync the event to any matching Contact/Lead or Account/Opportunity associated with the event. If we can't find a match, we will synchronize the event to your Salesforce calendar with no Contact, Lead, Account, or Opportunity specified.

To connect to Salesforce, open the Yesware sidebar and choose "Connect to Salesforce". From there, you'll be prompted to log into your Salesforce account. 

In order to sync your Calendar event sent from Outlook, you must have the Yesware sidebar open before sending the event.

If you are having trouble syncing over the account, please submit a request at

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