Does Yesware Salesforce Sync write activities to Salesforce for every email event?

When Salesforce sync is enabled, Yesware writes or updates Salesforce Tasks for each sent email, each reply, and every message event (open, link click, attachment download, presentation view).  During synchronization, Yesware attempts to minimize writing redundant data to Salesforce.  Yesware will write at most one Task per type of message event per email.  Subsequent events of the same type will be appended to the initial Task.  Also, subsequent events registered from the exact same device/location for a given email will not sync at all.  For instance, if your recipient opens an email on their laptop at work, and then opens that same email on their laptop at work 5 minutes later, only a single Task with a single event will be logged to Salesforce.
In addition, Yesware can be configured to further summarize all events on an email down to a single Task in Salesforce.  This summary task can contain event counts and timestamps for event activity.  Contact your Yesware representative to enable Salesforce sync summarization.
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