How does Yesware email tracking work?

Yesware email tracking gives salespeople real-time feedback on when prospects open their emails.


Our Open Event tracking works by embedding an unique tracking pixel into the bottom of your email message.  When a recipient opens your email, the tracking pixel loads and we record an Open Event.  From there, we will send you a notification through a pop up notification (if you have pop up notifications toggled on through your Yesware Preferences) on the left side of your Gmail and also list an event in the Yesware dashboard accessible through the top left of your Gmail. 

Link tracking creates a special link in place of any URL you’ve included in your email.  If the recipient clicks on the tracked link, our server gets pinged with the IP address so we can give you relevant information about the receiver like where they opened the email, when they opened it and even what device they used to read it. 

To enable Link Tracking, click the Yesware drop-down menu in the top left corner of Gmail. From there, select Preferences > Compose Options and Toggle On 'Track Links'.

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