What doesn't Yesware for Gmail work with?

Yesware for Gmail was built to be used on an uncustomized Gmail interface.  Our tool works on the most up to date version of Chrome or Firefox.

We are aware of some potential conflicts listed below:

  • Incompatible Gmail Settings
: Plain text mode
  • Incompatible Gmail Labs Features
Send & Archive, 
Multiple Inboxes by Vivi, Preview Pane, Right-side chat, SMS in chat
  • Possible Incompatible Extensions:
 FastestChrome by fastestfox.com, 
Gist for Chrome by BlackBerry, Ginger Software, Boomerang. Also, we do see extension conflicts with extensions that take up space on the compose message. 
  • Incompatible Operating Systems: Google Chrome stopped releasing updates for the Mac OSX 10.5 operating system with Chrome version 21 being the most recent available version. Due to this limitation, Yesware is not compatible with Mac OSX 10.5 or earlier.

Yesware and other extensions make frequent updates.  As such, you may notice a conflict with another extension even though it's worked fine in the past. 

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