How do I enable BCC to CRM?

Our Enterprise tier integrates directly with, the world’s leading CRM provider.

We also offer a solution for our Pro and Team users using our BCC email feature to automatically send a copy of your emails into your CRM.  If your CRM provides a BCC email address or unique dropbox address, we should be able to send a copy of your outbound messages into the CRM.

 In order to set up the automatic BCC to CRM feature you will need to:

  1. Using the Yesware drop down menu in the top left corner of Gmail, select Preferences
  2. Choose Compose Options from the bottom of the new window
  3. Turn "BCC to CRM" to ON
  4. Input your unique BCC address
  5. Click "save and reload Gmail"
  6. Ensure that the "CRM" button is checked in your Gmail compose window
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