What are Yesware templates and how do I create them?

Yesware allows you to create custom templates that save you time when sending emails. There are two ways to create templates: directly through your Gmail or Outlook account or through your Yesware account.

To create templates directly from the Gmail compose window, select the "Templates" button from the bottom-right corner of the compose window. Upon clicking "New", a pane will appear where you can create your template. Use the text box as well as the formatting tools to create your template. Templates will be saved exactly as they are created in this window. The "Template Name" is a required field. Once you've created your template, click "Save" and select the appropriate category.

Templates that you already have saved can be inserted into an email at any time by clicking on the "Template" menu. Once you've decided on what template to use, you can insert it into an email in one of two ways:

  1. Hover your mouse over the template and click " insert". This will immediately insert the template into your email. You can then update your  {!placeholders} directly in the Gmail compose window.
  2. Click on the template and use the "Fill In" option. This will allow you to fill in your {!placeholders} before inserting the content into the Gmail compose window. If you are on our Enterprise tier and using dynamic templates, the placeholders will be filled according to the information gathered from your Salesforce org and the contact in the "To" field in the email.

Templates can be created in our Outlook tool by clicking the Template button in the Yesware section of Outlook.  From there, click New Template.

You can also create and manage templates through your Yesware account on app.yesware.com. In Gmail or Outlook, select Yesware > My Account > Templates.  From there, you can create new categories or templates for personal use or to share with your team.

You can also edit, copy, move or delete the templates through the Template Library in Gmail or Outlook or through your Yesware account.

Templates can be shared across entire teams on Enterprise and Team Edition.

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