Can I create mail merges or dynamic fields within templates?

Templates can be used in conjunction with Yesware's Mail Merge tool. Doing this will automatically merge data into your templates and send those emails.

If you're using our Enterprise edition and have connected Yesware to Salesforce, individual emails sent using the Gmail compose window with a template can support the automatic merging of data. By creating {!merge fields} that match Salesforce field API names, you can automatically merge Salesforce data into your templates. For example, to merge in a recipient's first name from Salesforce, use the merge field {!FirstName}.

Here's Salesforce's resources on API names for default fields on the most commonly used objects:

Account field names:
Contact field names:
Lead field names:
Opportunity field names:

Yesware will try to pull in your data based on the matching Contact or Lead record that's found. If you wish to pull data from a different object, like Account, you'll need to precede the API field names with the object name. For instance, {!Account.Website}

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