How do dynamic templates work with Salesforce?

When using a template in the Gmail compose window, we will look up the first recipient in the To field. If a matching contact or lead is found, we will populate the dynamic fields in your template with information from any matching Salesforce fields.




If a matching contact or lead is not found, we will prompt you to create one. This prompt will be at the bottom of the template and you can create the new contact or lead using the Salesforce Sidebar.

The Quick Insert function does not pull in Salesforce data.  To use the dynamic templates with Salesforce, click Templates > New or Template Library from the bottom of the Gmail compose window.

Here's Salesforce's resources on API names for default fields on the most commonly used objects:

  • Account field names:
  • Contact field names:
  • Lead field names:
  • Opportunity field names:

NOTE: Yesware will try to pull in your data based on the matching Contact or Lead record that's found. If you wish to pull data from a different object, like Account, you'll need to precede the API field names with the object name. For instance, {!Account.Website}

When creating a new template, choose the "+Salesforce Field" option in the editor.  As you type in the field name, any matching options will be shown.

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