How do I share templates across my team?

Team template sharing is a premium feature available to Team and Enterprise users. Yesware makes it easy for a team to quickly share templates across their entire team.

Once you've set up a team, go to and click on the 'Team' tab under Templates. Click 'Review Updates' on the left to see the templates your team members have recently created and to copy one or more of them to the team library. Once copied into the team library, these templates will immediately be available to team members inside of Gmail.

You can also copy or move templates to a Team Category through your Gmail account.  Once in Gmail, click "Compose" and "Templates > All Templates". Once you are in the Template Library, you can move templates to other personal categories or to team categories.

Through the Template Manager pages in Gmail or Outlook, you can "copy" or "move" the templates to your team categories. 

In Outlook, you can access this page by clicking the Templates section of the Yesware ribbon.

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