How do I create a Salesforce contact or task from within the Salesforce Sidebar?

To create a new Salesforce contact or task from within the Salesforce Sidebar, first open an email message from your inbox. You should see a Salesforce tab on the right side of the screen (if you don't, please enable the Send to Salesforce functionality). Click to open the tab if it's not already expanded, and you'll see the Salesforce sidebar appear.

In this sidebar, you can select which person from the email you want to focus on. If a Salesforce contact already exists for this email address, you'll see the details of this contact. If a contact doesn’t already exist, you'll be prompted to create a new one.

Once a Salesforce contact is in place for the selected person, you'll see Salesforce open activities and activity history for this contact. In addition, you can click 'New Task' to create a new task for this contact.

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