How do I enable my emails, replies, and tracking events to automatically get sent to Salesforce?

If you’re on our Enterprise plan and already use Salesforce, it's easy to incorporate Yesware to automatically store emails from Gmail. Unlike the basic BCC to CRM functionality, the Send to Salesforce functionality will store not only sent emails, but will also capture replies, open events, viewed attachments/presentations and link-click events into Salesforce automatically. You will also be able to use our Click to Call feature and dynamic templates and Salesforce lists with Mail Merge.

To enable this functionality:

  1. Click the 'Yesware' menu at the very top of Gmail and select 'Preferences'.
  2. Click 'Salesforce' and toggle 'Send to Salesforce' on (this will automatically turn BCC to CRM off).
  3. Click the 'Set up Salesforce' button. Save your Preferences and refresh the browser.

From now on, whenever you send an email, that message and all of its associated replies as well as any Yesware events will be stored to Salesforce for you as activities on an existing contact or lead. The email will sync as an activity to the first single Contact or Lead and optionally the first single Account or Opportunity associated with the email address.

In Outlook, the same rules apply. You can integrate Salesforce via this link. Once synced with Salesforce, the Log to Salesforce button will appear in the compose window in Outlook. Please make sure this button is highlighted if you wish to use Send to Salesforce. 

If you are having trouble syncing over the account, please submit a request at

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