How do I use Yesware calendar sync?

Once Yesware calendar sync is setup, it is very easy to use. Inside Salesforce, any time an event is assigned to you (e.g. when you create a new event for an account, opportunity, contact, or lead that you own), it will automatically appear on your primary Google calendar. When you modify or delete this event inside Salesforce or Google, those changes will automatically get reflected in both calendars.

With Yesware Calendar Sync enabled, when you create or edit a calendar event in your Google calendar, you will see a checkbox that will allow you to "Sync Calendar Event to Salesforce". When checked, this event will be saved to Salesforce as well as to your Google Calendar. You can specify a Contact/Lead and Account/Opportunity to associate this event with in Salesforce. If you don't select these, Yesware will try to infer them based on the list of guests. If it can't find a match, it will synchronize the event to your Salesforce calendar with no Contact, Lead, Account, or Opportunity specified.

Yesware calendar sync works by adding a special invitee to the meetings you create in Google calendar. This invitee is a Yesware service that keeps your calendars in sync. Always be sure to "Invite external guests" and "Send invitations" whenever you create or update a synchronized event in Google.

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