Can Yesware sync recurring events?

Yesware supports syncing recurring events.

When syncing repeated events from Google Calendar to Salesforce, you should be aware that Salesforce (as of the Spring '15 release) imposes limits on the number of times an Event may repeat. Google Calendar, on the other hand, imposes no such limit and allows an Event to repeat indefinitely. The Salesforce limits are based on number of recurrences (not calendar date) and vary depending on the recurrence frequency:

  • Daily: 100 recurrences
  • Weekly: 53 recurrences
  • Monthly: 60 recurrences
  • Yearly: 10 recurrences
Once you sync your recurring event to Salesforce, you should be aware that if your Google Calendar event was created to repeat more than the according number of times listed above, the corresponding event in Salesforce will stop repeating sooner than that.
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