What is the green cloud icon next to email addresses?

The green cloud icon next to the email addresses in a thread is a shortcut to our Salesforce sidebar.  We introduced this feature to ease the process of looking up users or adding new contacts in the Salesforce sidebar. 

When you click on the green cloud, the Salesforce sidebar will search for any contacts or leads associated with that email address. From there, you may make edits to the record in Salesforce.  If there isn’t a contact or lead associated with the email address, you can easily add and save a record into Salesforce using the sidebar.

If you do not want the green clouds to be displayed, you can disable the Salesforce sidebar:

1. Visit the Yesware drop down menu on the top right of Gmail.

2. From there, select “Preferences”.

3. On the pop up window, choose “Salesforce”.

4. Toggle OFF the Salesforce Sidebar.

5. Save and reload Gmail.

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