How do I create a CSV in Excel to use with Mail Merge?

Yesware's Mail Merge uses CSV files to populate your emails with data. You can create a CSV file in Excel.

1. Create a new Excel spreadsheet

2. Each piece of data that you'll want to merge into your email will have to be in its own column on the spreadsheet. Whatever you title each column will determine the name of the field when creating your Mail MergeNOTE: you must use "Email" as your first column

3. In Excel, choose File > Save As. Change the format to "Comma Separated Values (.csv)". After pressing Save, Excel may warn you about features not working in the selected format - that is not a problem.

4. Now you're ready to upload the file into Yesware's Mail Merge feature!


If your source data contains special characters like accented letters, Chinese characters, or non-English alphabets, you'll need to save your source data differently.

Instead of using a CSV file, when saving your spreadsheet in Excel select the "UTF-16 Unicode Text" option. This will create a TXT file.

When creating the mail merge, use the "upload recipient list (csv)" option, selecting your TXT file.

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