Why is there a limit of 200 recipients for Mail Merge?

Yesware Mail Merge emails are being sent out of your Gmail account or Office 365 account and contribute to sending limits set by Google and Microsoft.  If you exceed these limits, you will be temporarily locked out of your email account. Yesware has created a limit to make it a little harder to lock yourself out of your email account.

You can read more about Gmail sending limits here.  Depending on the type of Gmail account you have, your daily send limits may vary between 500 emails to 2,000 emails per day. Unfortunately, Yesware does not know the specific daily sending limit for your account as that is determined by Google and the information is not provided to us.

You can read about Office 365 Recipient Limits here.

With our mail merge tool, you can send an email campaign to up to 200 recipients per campaign but you can set up a few mail merges a day, keeping in mind the daily sending limits for your account.

You may also see a lower limit if your Account Manager has requested that Yesware set a lower limit - please contact the owner of your Yesware account if you think this was done in error.

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