How does Yesware's Mail Merge handle bounce messages?

If we detect any bounce messages after the mail merge has been sent, we will remove the recipient from any pending future stages in the mail merge. 


You can view the details of bounce messages on the campaign details page.  Here, you can see which email address caused the bounce message and also that the recipient has been removed from the follow up stages. 

If you export the mail merge details with the  Screen_Shot_2015-04-02_at_9.48.13_AM.png file, you will see a column to the far right called “yw_bounce”. This will indicate whether or not we received a bounce message when contacting the recipient.

On the mail merge overview page, you can see the bounce percentage for all your mail merges.


Yesware will not count the bounce messages as a reply.  We will sync the bounce notice into Salesforce for easier reporting and updating. 

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