How can I customize my mail merge messages?

You can easily personalize your messages using Yesware's mail merge tool.  When you are creating a CSV file, simply add an additional column to the file.  In the column, you can include a custom detail or additional information that will be included when emailing the corresponding recipient.  When you are drafting your message or template for the mail merge, be sure to match the field with the column's title.

Please note that the fields are case and space sensitive.  If using a CSV file, the dynamic fields in the message or template should be {!Column}:

In addition, please note that we do not provide an opt out or unsubscribe option in our mail merge tool. If you'd like, you can ask the recipient to respond to the message if they would no longer like to receive the emails. If you have set your mail merge conditions to remove recipients who have responded from further stages, they will be removed from the mail merge.  

Since Yesware's mail merge tool is sent as email communications to prospects or clients and sent in small batches (under 200 recipients), we do not provide an opt-out or unsubscribe link in the mail merge tool.

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