What features are available in Yesware for Outlook?

Yesware for Outlook helps you sell more effectively right from your Outlook inbox.  It is available on Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016 running on Windows 7 or later. Yesware for Outlook is compatible with any mail server type - Exchange, Office 365, and Gmail (using Outlook as an email client) are supported. We do support Office 365 through the online web application - Office Store

Here are the features currently available:

  • Email open and attachment tracking 
  • The Yesware Events stream view 
  • Automatically syncing all email and tracking data to Salesforce including sent mails, events, and automatic syncing of replies
  • The full Salesforce sidebar
  • Use of personal and team templates
  • Personal and team-level reporting
  • Presentation Tracking
  • Click to call your Salesforce contacts right from within Outlook, and easily log calls to Salesforce
  • Yesware event notifications integrated with Windows and Office
  • Mail merge capabilities
  • Salesforce calendar synchronization
  • Link tracking
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