How do I set up a mail merge in Outlook?

Mail Merge allows Team and Enterprise users to create personalized emails that can be sent out to up to 200 recipients at a time.

To start a Mail Merge, click the green “Mail Merge” icon in your Outlook ribbon. Then, select the “Start New Mail Merge” option. A new window will open, in which you can name the campaign and start uploading the CSV. 

Yesware’s Mail Merge uses CSV files to populate your emails with data. You can create a CSV file in Excel.

Please make sure you use “Email” as your first column in Excel. Whatever you title each column will determine the name of the field when creating your Mail Merge.

Once you have uploaded the CSV file, the list will be shown in Outlook.  If you need to make any changes, you can double click on the spreadsheet cell to edit the information.

You can draft a new message in the Compose window or select one of your templates.  To make sure that the fields in the Excel document map properly to the email,  please note that the fields are case and space sensitive.  For example, if the Excel field was listed as “First Name”, the field in your email must be listed as {!First Name}.

Use the “Preview” button to see how each email will read for your recipients. Once you are all set, finalize the mail merge by clicking "Send".

To measure the success of individual campaigns, click the “Mail Merge” button in your Outlook Ribbon and choose the “All Mail Merges” option.

Please Note:

  • Your email provider may have daily message limits and, as Mail Merge is sent directly from Outlook, it will contribute to these limits.
  • In order for us to process your Mail Merge, you must keep your Outlook open (except for office 365 and Gmail backend users). If you lose Internet connection during this process, Mail Merge will resume next time you are online.

Multi-Stage Mail Merge is available for Gmail and Office 365 backend users only.

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