What are Meeting Templates in Yesware for Outlook?

Yesware Meeting Templates allow you to access your templates and insert dial-in/web conferencing details and/or meeting agendas right into your meeting invites. 

Here is how you can insert meeting templates:

  1. Create a new meeting.
  2. From the meeting invitation window, you’ll see a new ‘Templates’ button. Click it.screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-1-52-28-pm
  3. In the templates manager, create a new template. Just like with email templates, you can create placeholders (using “+ Text Field”) for things that might change each time you use the template.

Here’s how template placeholders appear in a template being used:

4. Once your template is ready, save it under any category in your Yesware template library. Then choose ‘Use Template’.



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