Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Installation Error

If you encounter the following error during installation of Yesware for Outlook:



This error indicates a problem with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Full, which is a necessary prerequisite of Yesware for Outlook.


All users must have .NET Framework 4 Full installed to properly run the Yesware add-in for Outlook. Yesware's installation tool attempts to do this automatically when the Yesware add-in is downloaded. However, network connectivity issues, limited hard-drive space, or lack of the proper IT permissions could cause the process to fail. 


In some cases, it may be necessary to run .NET Framework 4 Full as an Administrator. You can do this by right clicking on the setup program and choosing “Run as Administrator” 




If you continue to encounter this error, try to install .NET Framework 4 Full directly from Microsoft


Once .Net Framework 4 Full has been successfully installed, attempt to install Yesware add-in for Outlook from our website.


If you believe that you’ve successfully installed the .Net Full package installer, but is still receiving the error message, find the .Net 4 Full package on your hard drive, delete it, and then reinstall the .NET Framework 4 Full using the link above before trying to download the Yesware add-in for Outlook.

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