How can I track a presentation?

Yesware’s presentation tracking feature gives you valuable insight into how engaged your audience is with your content.


You can track a presentation by adding a .pdf, .ppt, or .pptx document through our tracked attachment (green paper clip icon) option at the bottom of the Gmail compose window.  The presentation will be added to the email via a stylized link.

Once the recipient opens and views the presentation, you will be notified through the Yesware dashboard.   By clicking on “View Report” through the dashboard, you will be able to see more details such as time spent on page for each recipient and other engagement indicators. The report will include a summary of how many people were sent the presentation, how many views the presentation received, and the average time spent viewing the presentation. We also provide engagement per page and per user. 

You can also find the presentation report in the top right corner of the original email and through the Tracking Report on your account.

The presentation view report will be synced to Salesforce if you are on the Enterprise plan.



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