How do I use the Email Tracking from Yesware add-in to track my email?

The Email Tracking from Yesware add-in provides email tracking capabilities to Office365 users who don’t have access to a desktop version of Outlook but who wish to send tracked mail.  It can also be used by Mac users since the Yesware for Outlook COM add-in is not compatible with the Mac version of Outlook.

After you add Email Tracking from Yesware from the Office Store, simply follow the steps below:

1. Create a new email, press the Add Ins button.
2. From the add in list, select Yesware.
3. The Yesware menu will appear.
4. A tracking beacon is automatically inserted into your message
5. Compose your message, adding tracked links using the Add a Tracked Link button, and send it.
6. You will be notified when your mail is opened in the events feed. To view tracking events, press the See Tracking Events button and your Yesware event feed will pop up.

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