How is Email Tracking from Yesware add-in different from the Yesware for Outlook add-in?

The Email Tracking from Yesware add-in provides only email tracking capabilities and uses Microsoft latest technologies for add-ins.  Yesware for Outlook uses an older technology called COM (Component Object Model) which integrates into Windows desktop versions of Outlook and provides the full suite of Yesware features.  Yesware customers who want Yesware’s full suite of features, like Templates and Salesforce integration, must use the Yesware for Outlook COM add-in on Windows.

Email Tracking from Yesware can be used by Office365 users who don’t have access to a desktop version of Outlook but who wish to send tracked mail.  It can also be used by Mac users since the Yesware for Outlook COM add-in is not compatible with the Mac version of Outlook.

The office add-in works with Outlook for the Web, and Windows versions of Outlook 2013, and Outlook 2016.  However, users on Windows desktops should install the Yesware for Outlook COM add-in instead.  

To install Email Tracking from Yesware, simply visit the Office Store and click on “Add”.

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