What is the Email Tracking from Yesware Add-in?

The Email Tracking from Yesware add-in provides email tracking capabilities to Office365 users who don’t have access to a desktop version of Outlook but who wish to send tracked mail.  It can also be used by Mac users since the Yesware for Outlook COM add-in is not compatible with the Mac version of Outlook.

The Benefits of Email Tracking:

- Know what happens after you click send with automatic email tracking right in Outlook.

- Get notified when someone opens your email or clicks on your email links.

- See where, when, and on what device your email was opened.

- See the status of each tracked message in Yesware’s reports.

To install Email Tracking from Yesware, simply visit the Office Store and click on “Add”.

The office add-in works with Outlook for the Web, and Windows versions of Outlook 2013, and Outlook 2016.  However, users on Windows desktops should install the Yesware for Outlook COM add-in instead.  

Yesware customers who want Yesware’s full suite of features, like Templates and Salesforce integration, must use the Yesware for Outlook COM add-in on Windows.

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