What is Yesware’s Touchpoints feature?

Touchpoints brings a scalable and automated workflow to inside sales teams that deliver quality pipeline more efficiently than ever before.  Unlike sales development tools that require reps to switch between platforms and disrupt your team’s workflow, Touchpoints works with Gmail and Salesforce.com to create personalized, multi-channel campaign sequences, quickly transforming sales development teams into focused and hyper-productive revenue machines.

Yesware Touchpoints lets reps and managers create multi-touch Campaigns (Cadences or Touchplans) for outbound prospecting.  These Campaigns help organizations get their teams to comply with the company’s messaging and sales process.  Touchpoints provides sales reps with an always-up-to-date and prioritized list of next actions to take, all within the workflow of their email inbox.  

Campaigns can be customized by channel, touch frequency, and degree of automation. For example, you might set up a campaign that involves call, social, and automated email touches, with each touch spaced 2 days apart.

For more information regarding Touchpoints, check out our blog post and How-to Guide.

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