How can I edit a Campaign?

While you can edit the content of an already existing Campaign (e.g. email subjects/bodies and call talking points), and you can add and remove people from a Campaign, you can’t edit the number and type of touches in an already existing Campaign.

To edit the content, visit the Touchpoints option at the top of your inbox. From there, locate the Campaign you wish to edit and click the "Edit" option below the Campaign name. 


As long as your campaign doesn’t have any prospects in-flight, you can add steps, delete steps, and change step-types at your convenience.

If your campaign does have prospects in-flight, we’ll let you update the content of any step (think: email subject line and body, call description and talking points, and custom task subject & description). That said, you cannot edit the timing between steps, delete steps, or add new ones. But, we’ll show you a notification in-app to give you a heads up.


For more information regarding Touchpoints, check out our blog post and How-to Guide.

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