What touches can I add to a Campaign?

There are four types of touches: Manual Email, Call, Automated Email, Custom Task.



Manual Email:  The manual email option will allow you to take Action, Snooze, Dismiss or Remove the email.

Call: This allows you to log and disposition calls whether or not you use Yesware click to call; we prompt reps to tell us how the call went, and reps can create a Salesforce task to indicate a call was completed. If you do choose to use Yesware click to call, reps can use any phone that has a U.S. number.  Yesware will automatically connect the call and track/log the duration of the call.

Automated Email: The automated email will send at the scheduled date if there's been no connection after the determined amount of business days. You will not have an option to take Action, Snooze, Dismiss or Remove the Automated Email.

Custom Task: You can use this to set up social media outreaches (for example, using Twitter or Facebook) or as a task to do research on the account.

For more information regarding Touchpoints, check out our blog post and How-to Guide.

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